The first question you should ask yourself is: why is that script still not written?

Screenwriting does not have to be a solitary activity. You do not have to write that script by yourself. 

Kind of new to storytelling? Check the Elements of Storytelling: Fundamentals

Ideas talk to you. Do you know how to listen? David Lynch explore this, and that. 

Your film needs to be about something. Explore your theme. A Film About X that says Y

Thinking about your structure? 3-Act? Beat Sheet? Outline Your Script

Still facing a blank page? Cannot type those first few words? Chase Anxiety and Boredom Away

Ready to start writing your script? Sooner or later you will need to write that first scene. 

English is my third language. But, can you speak your characters’ language? Time to write some dialogue.

Your writing feel too ‘on the nose’? Need to flesh out your subtext. 

More than half of you movie is sound. As a writer you need to communicate sound.

Done with the first draft! Are you? Reading Your First (Private) Draft



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