A movie is made of so many pieces, and every single piece has a function. Why should you watch good films twice? It’s about intent and style. 

Do you have 5 minutes to explore the evolution of film from 1895 to 2014? The History of Film in 222 Heartbeats. 

Got more time? See Cinema slowly evolve from silent, to talkies, to colors, to blockbusters. Film History Surfing 

Got an obsession with reality more than fiction? How documentary filmmakers represent the truth on screen.

Do you feel emotionally manipulated by that movie? They might know something about emotions that you don’t.

Digital Projection is the Death of Cinema. (Says Tarantino) and why I disagree. 

Cinema in not dead. No, it’s just Broken (Says Greenaway) 

Let’s calm down and meditate with David Lynch. Ideas talk to you, but you have to be listening. 

A master of storytelling and analysis? Breakdown storytelling into its main elements. 


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