Please, please, please, drop that fix it in post attitude. 

Learning to edit is not about software. Learning software is about software. A few editing guidelines from the masters. 

What is your relationship with music? A few thoughts on music and the editing process. 

Want to be a Director? Start in the edit suite. Here is why. 

What are the phases of color grading? From the scalpel to the brush. 

Keep the illusion going. It’s all in the matching. Continuity of Colors: Matching Exposure and Color Balance

Color grading is not only about LUT’s and isolations. Explore contrast and color schemes. 

We need to have that discussion about Teal and Orange. Not All Colors Are Born Equal. 

Do you have the music to make them follow you at every beat? Communicate with your composer. 

When does Post-Prod start? It starts in Pre-Prod and Prod is Post. 

All Inclusive Post-Production suites or standardised modular designs? Just a rant (and a few tips). 


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