Happy 120th Birthday, Cinema

There is something about watching moving images in the middle of a crowd. Feelings are amplified, laughters propagate in ripples, gasps bounce from a person to the next. The light washes the hypnotised faces to reveal a sense of wonder. Of course, we can watch movies at home on home theatres with amazing image quality and cinema worthy sound systems, we can consume them on our laptops, our tablets and our phones, some might even be tempted to simulate the cinema experience with virtual reality systems. The communal experience, however, is irreplaceable. You can feel the anticipation as the lights fade down and the chatter stops waiting for the images and sound to transport us away from everyday life.

Cinema, the public commercial projection of movies, turns 120 years old today. In 1895, the Lumiere brothers projected a series of actuality reels to a paying audience thus paving the way for my obsession. The video below does not attempt to encapsulate 120 years of artists and industrials, successes and innovations. It is simply a little video to remind me of the magic, and in some ways a reflection of my ‘life and experiences’. There are no methods of selection, no rules, no guidelines except making it all fit in 15 minutes or less. So much has been left on the ‘cutting room floor’ and so much could be done to strengthen and clean the result of an impulsive selection. To all who have accompanied me in the darkness all theses years I say thank you. Happy 120th Birthday Cinema, I look forward to our next encounter.

Dear Copyrights Holders: Thank you for considering the use of your assets as an homage, a use to support an overview of a decades old art and the love I have for them. I have reasonably used only as much of your asset as needed, and believe the work would not have been ‘true’ without their inclusion. The connection between your asset and my love for cinema is undeniable. Thank you for considering this usage as Fair Use under copyright law. 

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